Reflection: Yap Jia Tong

Reflection:Yap Jia Tong

Pre-camp (25 May, Monday)


What sounds interesting about this project?


We can learn how designs hold different weights, and understand the science behind it. What sounded interesting was it tying back to the theme of engineering. Before I signed up for this, I was involved in a bridge building competition. Which furthered my interest in engineering. 

What do you think you can learn from this project?


I can learn how to make a efficient water tower. I think we can also learn what are the causes of collapse in the water tower. Such as how the material may affect it, workmanship and even the environment itself. 

Any immediate questions regarding the project?



First Day (26 May, Tuesday)


What did you do today?


We were given Balsa wood sticks, a base plate, glue, rulers, a geometry set, two pencils, a sharpener, sandpaper and a cutter knife. We were then tasked to make a tower with the given materials. After building the tower, if it could hold a 2kg weight, we were given another stick to improve it.


What did you learn today?


Designs that look weak might be very strong. Water tanks require pressure to operate. Also they have to be able to withstand vertical and horizontal forces. I also learn about other forms of failures. Such as shear strength failure where the material itself is broken into how it was cut and I also was able to learn about tensile strength failure where it is not strong enough.

How do you feel about today’s activities?


It was fun and the students along with the professor are all very kind and welcoming towards us students.



Second Day (27 May, Wednesday)


What did you do today?


We made slides about our time in the competition for the presentation. After the presentation, the best group is chosen to present at the closing ceremony. It helped us to think on our feet. I hope that this few skills will train our mind to think quickly and cope with different situations. 

What did you learn today?


We learn how to make good presentations. Not just that, we were also taught an important skillset that a SST student have. Which is critical thinking and analysis. It helped us to think on our feet while answer the questions asked by others.

How do you feel about today's activity?


It showed us that understanding other skill sets are important. As it could be applied everywhere. Although the people that question us might be extremely hostile, we can learn to say we don't know instead of putting up a front and insisting that you do. Which we learn that as humans, there will be instances where we dont know some stuff

What new questions do you have regarding the discipline?


 How does one build a very strong water tower?

What design works best for water towers?



Third Day (28 May, Wednesday)


Three learning points from the project sharing session.


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How do you feel abou tthe St-NTU flagship programme?

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