Reflection: Baheera Binte Mohamed Ali

Reflection: Baheera

Pre-camp (25 May, Monday)

What sounds interesting about this project?

This project which involves making a water tower involves the use of our creativity to help the community. Therefore, I think this project would help to develop my skills in terms of creativity

What do you think you can learn from this project?

From this I think I can broaden my creativity as well as leaning how the water tower works and ways to improve it.

Any immediate questions regarding the project?

What is the use of a water tower?

First Day (26 May, Tuesday)

What did you do today?

We were given Balsa wood sticks, a base plate, glue, rulers, a geometry set, two pencils, a sharpener, sandpaper and a cutter knife. We then given instructions to make a tower with the materials as stated above. After the tower was built, it could only hold a 2kg weight.

What did you learn today?

I learn about how to build a water tower and the type of failures that may occur.

How do you feel about today’s activities?

It was fun but exhausting as we spent like 4 hours to make our first design.


Second Day (27 May, Wednesday)

What did you do today?

We made slides about how the water tower works. After the presentation, the best group is chosen to present at the closing ceremony. We also got to take a group picture with the assistant professor.

What did you learn today?

We learn how to make good presentations. Also, we learn how to let go of a question when we dont know instead of acting that you know.

How do you feel about today's activity?

It showed us that understanding other skill sets are important. As it could be applied everywhere.

What new questions do you have regarding the discipline?

 How does one build a very strong water tower?

Third Day (28 May, Thursday)

Three learning points from the project sharing session.

  <<type here when 26 may ends>>

How do you feel abou tthe St-NTU flagship programme?

<<type here when 26 may ends>>

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